My dearest fellow Sherlockians, I created this blog to write about my thoughts and theories about the BBC Sherlock universe.

New Setlock Pictures released

A (Cumber)batch of new pictures to Season 4 arrived and everybody goes crazy. You can see these pictures here:

We see old faces, like Mrs. Hudson, Mary, Mycroft, and of course Sherlock and John. But someone new ones are also there, Mary and Johns daughter and, at least it seems like it, a new villain.


But it’s not him, I want to talk about. I want to write about John. Not him in general, but this one new picture of him.
This here:

Take a look at it. The background is blurry, but for me, it really does look like a church or something. Why is he in a church?
The christening of his daughter, perhaps, but in another picture you can see Mrs. Hudson, at the same place, but her facial expression is not as happy as you would expect for a christening, she rather looks shocked.
John doesn’t look happy either. Yes, he doesn’t seem to be horribly sad, but still, he doesn’t seem to be delighted.
On Twitter I read about theories that this could be the setting of a funeral, Mary’s funeral perhaps, but in my opinion, if it IS a funeral, it is defenitely not Mary’s. If it would be Mary’s he wouldn’t be that neutral.

But what actually is going on in there, we will know in January.


Who is Molly Hooper? (+my theory)

Molly Hooper.
Yes, to be honest, she does not count to one of my favourite characters, but still, she is one of the main characters. Without her, Sherlock would have not been able to fake his own death, as we discover in “The Empty Hearse”.
But who is this slightly awkward, innocent and naive girl? She works at the St. Bartholomew’s hospital in London where  we first meet her in “A Study in Pink”.
She asks Sherlock if he wants to have a coffee, followed by his favourite answer “Yes. Black with two sugars please, I will be upstairs.”
She is obviously hurt by his lack of interested in her, so we can assume from the beginning, that she has a crush on him.
Moving on to “The Great Game” where she introduces her boyfriend Jim Morairty from the IT. What happens next is familiar to all of us.
Sherlock’s “Gay.” – “Excuse me, what?” – “Nothing, um, hey.”
According to Sherlock, Molly’s boyfriend is clearly gay. Upset by Sherlock’s deduction, Molly leaves the lab.
Skipping to Season 2, “A Scandal in Belgravia”, Christmas. A well-dressed Molly appears, commentated by an annoyed “Dear Lord” Sherlock’s. And again, Sherlock really is… Well… Not quiete a gentlemen when he embarasses her by deducing that she has a present for a boyfriend whom she is wildly in love with. In front of nearly everybody. With this not being enough he compares the colour of her lipstick to the colour of the wrapping paper in order to drraw attention to her lips “to compensate for the size of her mouth and breasts”.
Embarassed and visibly upset, Molly points out that he always says “these mean things”. And we all know for whom the “boyfriendpresent” is. Sherlock. When he realises it, he apologises and gives Molly a kiss on her cheek.

Now you might ask yourself why I just pointed out all the mean things Sherlock did to her. Now I am sliding into my theory, but before I reveal my breathtaking, Confidence-level Sherlock, theory, I would like to point out, that we can be quite sure, that Molly knows Sherlock for longer. The same counts for example for Lestrade, he has known Sherlock for seven years, before John Watson is part of Sherlocks life. What I want to say, we can assume, that Molly has been harrassed by Sherlock for quite a long time.

This harrassement is an important part of my theory, because I think that

Molly Hooper is the main villain of the show.

Yes, you’ve heard me right.

I think it could be quite possible when you think about it. I was rewatching the first Season, when this first came to my mind. I mean, it is kind of suspicious, that she precisely decides to date Moriarty who turns out to be the main villain in Season 1&2. Yes, you could say that this relationship was arranged by Moriarty to come close to Sherlock. In all his actions Moriarty seems always to excatly know where Sherlock is and what he is doing. One of Sherlock closest contact people is, Molly, exactly. Not quite convinced yet? Okay, let’s move on to “Reichenbachfall” where the whole Story comes to a head. On this rooftop, Moriarty shoots himself to complete his story. When I saw this episode the first time, it was clear to me. Jim Moriarty is insane, completely insane. But now, since I thought a lot about Molly, I asked myself the question if it could be possible, that Moriarty was Molly’s puppet all the time?  She has hid behind Morairty, to be protected. She used him as a shield, a diversionary tactic. Moriarty’s name was known everywhere, not hers. This would be a solid ground to destroy Sherlock. The man who tortured her, hurt her deeply, embarrassed her, made her look ridicolous.

If I am right or not, we will see in January!

If you have questions or comments about this theory, please, let us discuss in the comments!




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